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Produced by Ngaurhoe Films

2018 | 5min | Alexa | 1:85.1 | Colour | 5.1 

David is in trouble. Overwhelmed by debt and alone in a cafe he silently contemplates his escape. Staring Neil Maskell (Kill List, Utopia, Humans)

The Departure is currently being submitted to festivals. For a private link send an email request.


Produced by Zen Design Studios

2016 | 5min | Alexa | 1:85.1 | Colour | 5.1 

Anna contemplates a big decision while waiting for someone in a cafe.Staring Emily Barber and Ciaran Kellgren

The Arrival was selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick, Short of the Week and screened at Bafta Qualifying ASFF and LSFF.


NFTS Graduation Film

2015 | 16min | Alexa | 1:85.1 | Colour | Dolby Digital


Seahorse is the story of a first love, an unrequited love and a pregnant boy - Alex.


Alex is a headstrong young teenage boy who leads a biker gang and lives with his single mother. His life is turned upside down when he sees Victoria, an equally headstrong but much more refined young girl. It’s love at first sight, but when she suddenly rejects him and refuses to answer his calls he becomes pregnant with her baby. The pregnancy is an inconvenience, but Alex might just be able to use it to his advantage and get her to love him.




NFTS Short Film

2015 | 5min | Alexa | 1:35.1 | Colour | Dolby Digital


Shamewich is a comedy about a lonely security guard who has an obsession with sandwiches.


The film stars Ed Aczel and Nick Poursadigh.


The full film is available online.



NFTS Short Film

2016 | 12min | Alexa | 2:39:1 | Colour | Dolby Digital


A working class father takes his middle class son out for a few games of pool. The son has just had his heartbroken and the father has never been in love.


The film stars Dario Coates and Ian Alexander.


The film is currently being sent to festivals - for a screener get in contact.






Short Film

2013 | 11min | Alexa | 16:9 | Colour | Dolby Digital


A graduate, Matthieu, turns up to his former professor's dinner party to discover that he is the only guest...apart from Marguerite, the professor's wife.

As the evening progresses it becomes clear the couple are concealing a dark secret. Matthieu’s curiosity gets the better of him.


The Guest is a modern fable starring Olivia Williams (Rushmore, Sixth Sense, Maps to The Stars) with music by Tom Hobden of Noah and the Whale.


The Guest premiered in Krakow International Film Festival and was taken on by The British Film Council’s short support scheme. 




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